Wasptek™ bait stations have been designed specifically for wasp baiting. They are light-weight and flat-packed to enable easy carrying into the field. The yellow stations are made of UV stabilised polypropylene, they are tough and will last a number of years in the field in typical situations. They are easily assembled and provide the bait with protection from both rain and sun, and limit availability of the bait to non-targets. The open ends of the station allow airflow to pass over the Vespex® bait, allowing the attractants to disseminate widely, and providing wasps with easy access.


The Wasptek™ bait stations are affixed to tree trunks or posts using nails or screws. We recommend the use of button head self-tapping screws. This allows the stations to be easily moved if you want to use them at multiple locations or to remove them from the environment  and store them for the following year. We can supply suitable screws with your order if required.


Vespex® bait is supplied with disposable bait wells that fit snugly into the Wasptek™ bait stations, meaning that both laying the bait and removing it out of the stations is a clean and easy process.



Wasptek bait stations ........................ $3.40 each (excl. GST)

Orders of 12 or more ............................$2.98 each (excl. GST)

Bulk Orders (100 or more) ...................$2.50 each (excl. GST)

Wasptek bait station being loaded with Vespex bait

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